Adventures that Bring us Back Home !

Imagine What Life can be at the End of the Tunnel

     “To infinity and beyond!” These words remind me when my sister I use to create various tunnels in our room to our secret movie theater made out of fluffy blankets. Our all time favorite movie was Toy Story. We pretended to be in a movie theater so we dimmed the lights, and had an array of food, like: crispy ranch sprinkled popcorn, fresh fruit, and homemade chocolate covered macaroons. We also loved to perform concerts for our family. I remember for one christmas eve, my sister and I dazzled our faces as reindeers and woke my parents up with christmas carols. Among all our goofy ideas, our number one thing to do was to pretend we were famous stars going to our dinner room table for dinner. We use to curl our hairs, wear glittery make-up, and dress up as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. We even pretended we had paparazzi following us by taking silly flashes of one another. As I look back at all these memorable laughs and giggles my sister and I shared I am sadden because I realize how quickly we grow and leave our imagination behind. As a matter of fact, when we grow older we free ourselves from thinking as kids as we adapt to real-life obstacles and experience overwhelming stress.

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