Enlighten your Future !

Light the way towards Innovatoin

Dear readers,

          Have you every stumbled across a seed and wondered what it would bloom out to be ? As our world continues to cultivate into a thriving technological and medical system our mission as a society is to seek methods to improve our world and linger new ideas amongst ourselves. By doing so we can carry on the tradition to establish a new framework that will help our society according to the time period. Though this may be a challenge for most of us, because of our inability to be as creative as our peers, we can all work together to make a difference and light the way towards innovation.

This was my mission, when my english class was assigned to create an innovation project that would help the needs of our world. At first this lead me to being consternated and fluttered because I couldn’t think of any new idea that would please my teacher and society as well. As I saw how everyone thought of brilliant methods that were not only flourishing with new ideas, but were also concepts that sparked my classmates lives and the demand of society, I realized that I should think of a recipe that would produce my idea for my project. The biggest hardship I faced was how it would benefit society and be a new concept that no one has thought of doing. After mush deliberation, I realized that the only way I would compose an idea for my innovation project would be by being organized with all my concepts and seeing the pros and cons of each idea. Then I took into consideration what I would be most interested in fulfilling and dedicating my time to. Ultimately, I thought of ways my ideas would benefit the lives of society and admonish future english kids when creating an innovation project. 

Though these three steps seem simple, it helped me dig deep into the core of what I like to do, which is to spend time with kids suffering with a disorder or a disease. Thus, my goal for my innovation project is to create different tones of cloth dolls so that the kids at the hospital can express their feelings on the dolls. I plan on sewing the dolls, filling them with stuffing, and placing a motivational word on the heart of the dolls. I hope that by doing so the kids can be enlightened by creativity and it may sprout confidence for the kids to push forward during their critical state. I want to create as many of these dolls and share them with the Fountain Valley Regional hospital as well as the CHOC hospital. However, my concerns are that I’m not familiarized with sewing and don’t know if other people are willing to try something new as sewing to create the dolls. At the end of it all, I hope to try to make my project transform into reality by taking baby steps towards innovation. 


Quote: “Don’t resort to imitation but rather look for inspiration to further your own creation in pursuit of innovation.”