Wise Words

Our Precious Figure

Have you ever wondered how important that one person in your life could be? That person who inspires you to be a changing figure in the lives of other people, and who brightens your day with joy. These precious figures are the fuel to our engines and the ones’ who change our negative views into calmer attitudes. Close your eyes and think of that one person…


Although we may not all agree on the same person, we can all agree that our person is special and cares for us dearly. For me this person is my mommy. She is the light that sparks the black hole in my heart whenever I feel the need to give up in life. My mother accepts me for who I am no matter what my flaws are and provides me with the most sincerest advice. Like the time I had to decide whether I should take AP Calculus or AP Statistics. My mom made it easier to make the decision because she told me the pros and cons that only a mother could give. For example, she emphasized how if I took statistics it would benefit me more because it will get me s step closer to becoming a clinical psychologist, but if when I got to college I realized that I wanted to pursue a different major, then calculus would be more applicable. Her theory was that no matter what I chose in the end, it wouldn’t make a difference to where I would be in twenty years from now because both would help me in life.


Additionally, another time when my mother helped me make a decision through her motherly advise was when I was choosing my homecoming dress. I knew that her opinion was the one that mattered the most to me because she made me see which dress would be perfect for my first high school dance. Despite us spending three days worth of tiring shopping I realized that only a mother can provide such an advice to a girl because they understand us the most. In the end I loved my dress and was happy to have had my mother’s opinion involved in deciding how I would look on that special day.


Even more, now as a senior my mother’s opinion has become the lucky charm to my life. Especially, now that I am applying for college I needed my mother’s advise to know if I wanted to go somewhere far or stay within a local area. I also needed her opinion on whether I should dorm wherever I would spend the next years of my life. For her this was one aspect that she didn’t want to have to talk about because if the decision was fully hers she would choose for me to stay by her side and always be her little angel. However, she also acknowledged that I needed to learn from life by experiencing new obstacles and discovery how to solve them by myself. Despite her sadness of me leaving her as I create the next chapters in my life, I learned that her words would be the only ones who will remain with me as I carry out my future.




Thus, when I discovered that my english project about Frankenstein would reflect feminism, I was overjoyed because I knew how important the role of a women was in someones life. I’m sure that many like myself have been influenced by a lot of genial women who have served an individual purpose in our lives. From mothers, to grandmas, to famous stars; women should be distinguished just as equal to that of men. Although their[men and women’s] roles are somewhat different, they both mold the lives of their kids and make them into the person they are today. I do have to agree though  that now woman are shinning bright in the mist of the work industry because women are pursuing jobs to those of what men choose. For instance, there has been an increase in women majoring in different fields of engineering, which was only thought to have applied to men. Additionally, women have evolutionized how we view things in life. They have showed us that we should view life with a more calmer and positive perspective than with negativity. For instance, in Frankenstein Victor’s love, Elizabeth is symbolized as the, “…shrine-dedicated lamp in our[their] peaceful home. Her sympathy was ours; her smile, her soft voice, the sweet glance of her celestial eyes, were there to bless and animate us. She was the living spirit of love to soften and attract…” their world (45). In fact when Elizabeth was by Victor’s side, “…she was there to subdue me[him] to a semblance of her own gentleness” (45). Thus showing how woman are the delicate, flower aroma we smell as we enter a room full of peace and quiet. (:


Quote: “Mother love is the fuel that enables a Normal Human being to do the impossible.” -Marion C. Garretty


2 thoughts on “Wise Words

  1. I enjoyed reading your post about motherly advice and how it tied in to your presentation of the critical lens. In my position my dad is the chemical that feeds the fire inside of my heart to motivate me to keep going, no matter how much darkness surrounds me. Lately I’ve been in a rut in my life and feeling very gloomy. I haven’t laughed or smiled with feeling and emotion for about a week. It’s probably because there has been a lot of disappointment in my hard work; it just wasn’t good enough. With that harsh reality I have hardened my heart and thrown most of my “loving” and “caring” emotions out the door. I just look to my dad to break the stone cocoon around my heart. If I know anyone that can motivate and keep me pushing on, it’s my dad.

    • Thank you very much, I appreciate that you took the time to read my blog! It gives me joy that you can relate to the love I have for my mother as you do with your father. I also understand you because at times I feel like my world is falling apart and instead of moving forward I move backwards, but that one person keeps me grounded in my place and reminds me to never give up; she’s always there for me. I’m sure your father is as well. (: And as we continue to grow older the love for the precious being we nurture, blossoms into a tender love that no one can replace! (: Thank you again for your comment!

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