Adventures that Bring us Back Home !

Imagine What Life can be at the End of the Tunnel

     “To infinity and beyond!” These words remind me when my sister I use to create various tunnels in our room to our secret movie theater made out of fluffy blankets. Our all time favorite movie was Toy Story. We pretended to be in a movie theater so we dimmed the lights, and had an array of food, like: crispy ranch sprinkled popcorn, fresh fruit, and homemade chocolate covered macaroons. We also loved to perform concerts for our family. I remember for one christmas eve, my sister and I dazzled our faces as reindeers and woke my parents up with christmas carols. Among all our goofy ideas, our number one thing to do was to pretend we were famous stars going to our dinner room table for dinner. We use to curl our hairs, wear glittery make-up, and dress up as Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez. We even pretended we had paparazzi following us by taking silly flashes of one another. As I look back at all these memorable laughs and giggles my sister and I shared I am sadden because I realize how quickly we grow and leave our imagination behind. As a matter of fact, when we grow older we free ourselves from thinking as kids as we adapt to real-life obstacles and experience overwhelming stress.

     As teens our focus lies on receiving the best grades, taking the most AP classes, and loading our day with lots of homework. I am not in any way saying this is bad. I also consider myself on the spectrum of school being my priority. I believe that as technology increases our ambition is to meet the needs of our society in order to be successful. Especially now as a senior in high school, applying to college is overwhelming. Mainly because it’s hard to think creativity as we use to when we were small in the personal statement. I as well as many other students want to stand out and shine among all the other million students who are applying to my dream school. As humans this desire is passive because we want to continue getting positive benedictions from our family, friends, and teachers.
     However as we continue to grow, our mind deviates to studying mode, instead of opening our minds to the endless opportunities that the world has to offer. Take for instance, a teen who is wrapped in the world of studying and AP courses and a teen who dedicates his time to homework, but also finds time to explore new ideas; such as how to help a poor community get access to food and shelter. In the long run when you have your family you’ll realize that the teen who was intrinsically motivated to new ideas and changes will become a more comprehensible parent. As a matter of fact you won’t be certain to remember the quadratic formula, but instead revisit all your adventures and life lessons to your kids. Thus, a person you seeks new opportunities can admonish their child to think creativity and be open to their imagination. In fact, people who are open to new adventures tend to understand life with calmness. This is because they have experienced both the challenges and bliss that life has to offer and learn from their mistakes as they open the door to yet another journey. Above all they can maneuver through the maze much faster, than someone who locks their mind in the books because they have learned new skills throughout their life. For example, my AP Psychology teacher told us that her friend was an average high school student who cared little about his school work, but was fascinated in seeking ways to promote his business deals, Despite, him dropping out of high school, he now lives in a luxurious home with his family while managing his surf businesses. Thus, this shows that even though he may not know how to find the derivative of sinx or the famous novel, The Tale of Two Cities, he is still successful with his own ideas.

     Personally I believe that school is a crucial part in our lives because it not only teaches you new concepts but builds your cognitive skills in areas of memorization. However, I also rely on the need to be open and not be afraid of our imagination that lurks inside our inner self. Creativity is the key that unlocks curiosity and in itself a sense of pride. I learned this when I created my DIY project for my AP english class. My group and I collaborated on ideas, and in the end we thought of creating a documentary on autism. We chose autism out of all the other disorders because many people are unaware of the symptoms a child can have. Thus, we wanted to spark awareness to parents of what autism is and ways to help autistic kids cope with daily struggles. We wanted to be the shoulder of relief that parents could rely on when they saw no hope in their child’s behavior. At the end of this journey, this experience taught me to be open when meeting new kids and when talking in front of a camera. It also taught me to be confident and move out of my comfort zone for a good cause. A life lesson I learned form this experience is to remember that whether you succeed or fall short in your project what matters the most is that you took a step out of your comfort zone by thinking creatively and being a child again!

Quote: “The most potent muse of all is our own inner child.” -Stephan Nachmanovitch
“Think like an architect, make choices like a humble old man, and have an imagination of a child.” -Unknown


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