Yummy Bake Sale ! (:

Innovation Perfection

Have you ever wondered how you could change the world or the life of one person? This video is a great example of what our future can strive to become as long as we, as a society, combine our innovation skills and think creatively about our future

This question pondered in my mind for several weeks in the beginning of the school year for my innovation project in english class. Although I couldn’t come up with a creative idea let alone concept to pigg myself from, I did know that I wanted my project to revolve around helping ill-term kids at the hospital.



My ambition to be with kids has only continued to blossom since Freshmen year when I joined the Jonis Angeles club; which is an association that gives students the privilege of spending one day out of their schedule to interact with a child at their bedside. To me every hour I spend with a child is a Blessing because they bring me back to when I was a small little girl; carrying a wand and wearing a sparkly pink gown, all dazzled up as a princess. They allow me to realize that life is not only a world of studying and getting the best grades, but an episode in your life that should be cherished with the people you love the most and appreciate in your life. Above all they have made me value the importance of family and their support during such harsh times. Especially when I saw a cute little innocent boy having no guidance of parents, but instead that of a nurse right before his surgery. I learned to be thankful for my family, despite times when we argue and critic one another in inconceivable ways, I acknowledge that without them by my side I would struggle to live my life in happiness. Thus, the journey I have embarked on with the hospital has not only been a pleasure, but a Blessing that has helped me discover my dream of becoming a psychologist who specializes in family relations. I want to spark unity between families who have lost hope in what their child is suffering through and let them know that they are not alone. Overall what began as a way for me to gain my volunteer hours, ended up as a way for me to learn about my ambition to help others gain hope and trust among themselves and their family.




Thus, for my project I wanted to change the lives of kids at the hospital. Initially I thought about doing a cute, childish scrapbook that contained encouraging quotes, pictures and personal information about the nurses, silly jokes, advice on ways to cope on an illness, and leave blank pages so that the kids at the hospital could write down their feelings about their experience at the hospital. My goal was for the kids to have a book where they could purge their emotions and give advice to future kids as they struggle to overcome their critical plight. However, I wanted to make an even bigger difference in the children’s life by finding a way to make their day more enjoyable and positive at the hospital.




It was not until I played with a little girl named D’Andra that I found out what I wanted to accomplish for my innovation project. D’Andra was a six year old girl who was uniquely different from the rest of the kids I have played with at the hospital, primarily because she was very, very quiet. Although most of the kids I have played with start off with being quiet and conserve, as the time flies they become adjusted and blossom open like that of a spring daisy. I try my best to deviate their minds off of what they are going through, by talking to them about school, making them laugh with my cheesy peek-a-boo jokes, and playing with them.



However, it was completely different with D’Andra because I couldn’t get a single word out of her, other than her name and her age. I tried to bring her all the toys a six year old would like, such as barbies, playhouse, friendship bracelets, and coloring books. I thought she wanted to play doll house or make friendship bracelets together, but to my surprise she pointed at the small sheets of white paper I had brought for her to color with. As she began to color, I noticed how she wrote words such as hope, faith, pain as she drew herself and her family outside in the park with the beam of a huge golden sun surrounding them. I didn’t try to make conversation with her anymore, but simply sat right next to her and colored the cute tinkerbell image that I had in front of me. I too decided to write words that I felt at that time, and when she looked at my paper she smiled and told me how thankful she was for having me there and bringing her coloring books.I smiled back at her and told her that I was by her side no matter what. Despite, just speaking these few words with D’Andra I felt closer to her than with any other child I had played with.





From that day forward, I thought about how I could change lives such as D’Andras’. Thus I came up with creating cloth dolls for the kids at the hospital, so that they could color or decorate their emotions on the dolls. This would help them express their inner thoughts like those that they don’t wish to speak directly to anyone about and allow them them to seek goals they wish to accomplish to recover from their illness. Each doll would have a cloth heart to represent love and happiness, a ribbon pink/blue ribbon to symbolize unity and inform the kids that they are not alone, and a small phrase or word to encourage the child to never give up.






I am currently working with Michelle Doan who has collaborated with me on creating the cloth dolls. Our goal by April 29th is to have at least 50 dolls sewed and stuffed with their heart, ribbon, and note attached so that we can distribute them to the kids at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital. Michelle and I decided to name these dolls, miracle dolls because we hope that these dolls won’t only be stuffed cloth for the kids, but a figure of blessing for them to look back in the future and be thankful for their healthy recovery.


Hence, Michelle and I just had our second bake sale at Fountain Valley High School track on April 3rd. Despite our lack of success on our first sale, we made positive progress in our second one. We sold:

-Yummy homemade chocolate chip cookies

– Fudge cupcake brownies

– Blueberry glazed donuts

– Red velvet donuts topped with vanilla frosting

– Blueberry vegan donuts topped with vanilla frosting

– Icy water

– Gatorade



We made sufficient enough money to continue buying our materials for our miracle dolls. We would like to thank everyone who came out to support our bake sale because without them we wouldn’t have had such great success.

If you would like to know more about our progress on our dolls, please don’t hesitate to follow us on instagram @: miracle_dolls and on twitter @: miracle_dolls! (: We would love for you guys to support our project so that in the future other students can continue this process and help bring a smile on a child’s face! (:

Quote: “Every single time you help somebody stand up, you are helping humanity rise.” -Dr. Steve Maraboli




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