Begin by saying Thank You ! (:

Give Thanks on this Precious Day

How many times have you pleaded your teachers to raise your grade from a 92.3% to a 94.1 % just to see that solid A printed on your report card? How many times have you bugged your parents to upgrade your phone to the iphone 5s even though your phone is in pretty good condition? Or how many times have you thanked the little miracles and challenges that you encounter every day?  I’m sure many of us could relate with the first two questions, but a chunk of us are unaware that the last question exists.  


As the summer bliss shades away, we are awakened by the crispy falling leaves, pumpkin spice aroma, frosty nights, and of course family gatherings by the fire place. It’s that time of the year when families travel many miles to enjoy the warm company of one other.


The day when we gather hands, say grace, and thank all little things that have happened to us throughout the year. We await this day with happiness and excitement to fill our tummies with yummy lemon turkey, creamy bacon mash potato, fresh veggies, fluffy butter biscuits, and sweet delights. This day is called Thanks Giving. 


Although this day is  precious and sprinkled with thank you’s, I think this day should be lived everyday by everyone of us. It shouldn’t just be this one that we thank all the Blessings that God has shined our lives with, but instead it should be relived everyday. We should thank everything from the pleasant times like the sweet note your mother writes to you in your lunch bag to the tough times like loosing a loved one. This especially is very hard for anyone to accept, but in the long run you’ll realize that God needed another special angel up in heaven. 

Today, our lives are bursting with deadlines, attending meetings, participating in extra-curriculum activities such as sports and clubs, and finding time for family occasions. Hence, we rarely get any time to sit for five minutes and recap all the sweet and bitterness of our day. Our minds are juggling one thing after another after another, but we never find time to give thanks for yet another day. This to me is truly sad because many people fail to realize, that there are other kids who would exchange their illness for an average person’s stressful life. 

As a member of the Jonis Angels program, I have had the opportunity to spend time with kids who are suffering through daily medication, surgeries, and lack of energy to accomplish anything in the day. I have witnessed the obstacles the kids face everyday, and I know they would change anything to be healthy again. These kids are not anxiously asking for more than what they already have, but instead just wanting to run around the playground and feel the fresh air running through their chubby faces. To me this is why I thank God everyday for everything because I know that even in the most toughest times in my life, there are other people who are suffering something beyond my measures. As November 28th approaches, remember to thank every little thing in your life, and make it a goal to thank one thing that happened to you as the new year approaches. 


Quote: “Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” -William Arthur Ward

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