A Day that Will Never Be Forgotten (:

National Charity League  

On May 14th, I was honored to receive a scholarship in which I hope to make a difference in women’s lives. This scholarship was awarded to me by the National Charity League; whose mission is to a mother-daughter relationship in a philanthropic foundation through community service, cultural experiences, and leadership.


When I first applied for the scholarship I was skeptical because I questioned if I had done as much community service as other girls. However, when I talked to my math teacher, Mrs. Reed she told me she had been a part of the League and would in no doubt see me as one of their candidates. The more she told me about the League, the more I built confidence to apply and be part of this amazing program. Once finished with the document’s I was excited to turn it in and find out my eligibility.




A few weeks later, I was in my English class and received a call slip for an interview with regards to the National Charity League Scholarship. Without even reading the call slip completely my heart raced, my hands began to sweat, and all that roamed in my head was what type of questions they would ask me and how I would answer them. As I sat down in the media center waiting for my interview I prayed to God that he would relax me so that I could speak clearly and not have a shaky voice. I decided to free my mind by reading my book, but realized a unique method to relax oneself that Mr. Yarton taught our AP Spanish class before the AP Exam. He said to place our feet firmly on the ground, stand up straight, and take in deep breaths. As I continued to do this, my attention went to my toes, which actually calmed my nerves.




Once the interviewers came I wasn’t as nervous as I was when I first came in; I thanked God for his help. The ladies that interviewed me were super sweet, friendly, understanding, and inspirational. Having such wonderful ladies in front of me was a privilege because they have done and continue to do so much for our community by helping different foundations with their missions to improve our lives. Some examples are the Alzheimer’s Organization, Down Syndrome Foundation, and much more. I hope that in the future I can help these organizations blossom through volunteer work and dedication. Additionally, as soon as I finished my interview, I thanked both of the representatives and left with both confidence and worrisome about how I had talked throughout the whole interview.


A couple of weeks later, as I was getting ready for bed I heard a jingle from my phone and discovered that I was elected as one of the wonderful ladies for the National Charity League Scholarship. I leaped with joy and quickly told me mother about the news. We both screamed and were super excited to receive my award on May 14th as well as discover ways to help our community.

When the day finally came, I started to get butterflies in my tummy to receive my scholarship. The location where the ceremony was held at was at Seacliff Country Club in Huntington Beach. The reception was absolutely beautiful and the weather made it that much more perfect to wear a dress. As soon as we entered we were greeted by wonderful women who were so amiable. They guided us to the food station, which was delicious and showed us where I would be sitting for the ceremony. After a few minutes we were ready for the ceremony and as they called my name I recognized three other lovely ladies from Fountain Valley. One which I know and consider to be super friendly, her name is Catt Phan!




Proceeding our awards, the National Charity League awarded many organizations with a grant to help fund their foundation. I truly delighted to see all those amazing foundations that I wish I can be a part of with my mother in the future. In fact, I really wanted to join the Oak’s Homework club so that I can help kids get better in their subject area. Finally, we all headed out to the patio under the shimmering lights and the golden moonlight to enjoy yummy desserts and take pictures. The day couldn’t have been more perfect; the weather was nice and I had my mother and father by my side.




Overall this experience taught me two things. One is that I can go into an interview feeling more confident with myself and knowing that people will be understanding and two how much I can continue to help my community in Fountain Valley. I am sincerely thankful to the National Charity League association for providing me with this scholarship and I hope to continue to make a difference in the lives of our society.

Quote: “A mother’s treasure is her daughter.” -Catherine Pulsifer

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