A Person That Can Never be Replaced (:

 Endless Friendship

There’s one person in your life life that can never be replaced, not even for millions, billions of money. This precious being is our caregiver, best friend, adviser, but most importantly the reason we stand in this world. We adore this person more than anything and would sacrifice our own life no matter what the cost may be. And despite times that we fight with this person, have days without speaking, and wish they would understand our teen years, in the long run we appreciate every second we have with this being. This of course is none other than our mother’s.


On May 11, we all showered our mother’s with gifts, delightful cards, kisses, and hugs for Mother’s Day. It was my mission to make this day unforgettable for our lovely mommy. I wanted to give her something valuable yet homemade because I know she enjoys sentimental gifts that are made from scratch instead of buying a fancy piece of jewelry. Thus, on the Friday before Mother’s Day, my sister and I went to Color Me Mine in South Coast Plaza. At first it was difficult to leave because I didn’t know how I would lie to my grandma so that she wouldn’t tell my mom where I was going. However, I just told her I was going to school to work on an english project, but I would be back soon. Luckily she bought it and my sister and I left immediately so we wouldn’t catch traffic. I had never been there before, but every time we passed by there my mom always said, “One day we will go there and make a family tree out of our five hands as a sign of unity.”


When we first entered I was amazed with all the cute displays. In fact, due to my undecisiveness it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to decorate for my mommy. I was between a plate because I know she loves to munch and crunch hehe and a jewlry box with a symbol of her favorite star. After much deliberation I found a heart plate that caught my attention and I knew that she would love.




Finally, I was ready to start glazing the plate. This again took some thought because I wanted it to encompass all the love I had for my mother, as well as thanking her for all the sacrifices, care, and love she has provided me throughout the year without making it look like a blob. My sister was constantly laughing at me because I would grab the brush, dip it into a cherry red( which was my mom’s favorite color) and then place it aside again. After about twenty minutes I decided to start coloring the edges and making swirls on the side of the plate. Once finished I realized that it takes both patience and concentration to make a perfect image, but through it all I enjoyed the experience because no one was rushing you to finish your artwork and every employee was super friendly. Although I was excited to have my plate fired, when I payed I realized that it wouldn’t be ready until 3-5 days, which meant that my plan to prepare my mother’s traditional breakfast on Sunday morning was not an option.

However, when it came time for Sunday morning my family and I planned to take her out to eat at her favorite restaurant. But before this, we all awakened her with millions of hugs, kisses, and homemade cards.



Then we left to our country’s traditional food, which is a homemade corn flour tortilla stuffed with cheesy cheese or cheese and mashed beans. They are cooked until lightly golden brown on both side of the tortilla and are called “pupusas.” You can enjoy them with a fresh vinegar salad and delicious handmade tomato sauce or spicy tomato sauce. Although it wasn’t what I had expected to do in the morning for breakfast, it made my mommy happy which is all one can ask for.



Then we went to our favorite church at 1:00p.m. My mom especially loves this church because on Mother’s Day the chorus sings a sweet song to all the mother’s in the room. Next, we went to walk around Fashion Island to visit my brother at his work before we all went out to eat dinner as a family. After sitting by the shady benches near the pond full of colorful fishes, I stared at my mom and thanked God to have her by my side; I know that without her I wouldn’t be here. I acknowledge how much she sacrifices so much for our family and tries her best to please everyone despite coming home from work all tired. She always has a smile on her face and cuddles us more than a fluffy blanket thats why my brother, sister, and I call her super mom heheh. I became overwhelmed with emotion and squeezed my mommy; she jerked and hugged me back telling me that she loved me.

Finally, before we went out to eat with my whole family, including my grandma and my brother, we made a quick stop at Corona del Mar beach to walk around the sand. We took lots of pictures and enjoyed the beautiful horizon. This was my favorite part because we all sat down on the sand and simply gazed at the sunset. We didn’t even speak for a while, but just took everything in. I felt as though the clock stopped when we were in such a peaceful place and wanted it to never come to an end.


Ultimately, we took my mommy to go eat authentic latino food at South Coast Plaza. It is across from Chipotle and is called, “Baja Fish.” They sell delicious food and is a mix of a fast food place, in which you order the food at the front desk but the waiters bring your food to you. However, the food is not at all fast food, it is homemade and makes her belly happy to enjoy such juicey food. From fish tacos, to chicken or steak plates with rice, beans, and salad to shrimp bowls. My favorite side dish is the rice because it has a different taste that melts in your mouth as soon as you take your first bite. Although we would have loved to take my mommy to a fancy restaurant, we realized that many restaurants would be extremely full and would take all day just to get a seat. Once we were all done we played a game in the car on the ride home. We call it yes, no, no, which stands for we can’t say either yes or no. We absolutely love this game because we all laugh at how silly we are when we stutter to not say no or yes. Overall this day was perfect! My family and I couldn’t have asked for a more delightful day because we have never laughed so much and enjoyed each others company like this in a long time! (:



Despite mother’s day being fully over with, on Tuesday I got a call back from Color ME Mine saying that my plate was ready. I was overjoyed and went after school to go pick it up with my sister. I was afraid of how it would turn out because the hardest part was not shaking when writing down a message on the plate. However, when I opened it I was happy with the result and I hoped my mommy would be too. When I got home I couldn’t wait for her to see it so I made her a surprise brunch for dinner; the breakfast I would have made for her on Mother’s Day.


I made her sauted onions by mixing them with beans and rice, with an egg white omelet stuffed with mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, tomato, green peppers, and onions, cinnamon “platanos”, which is like a banana, and a crunchy whole wheat toast with raspberry jam. When she came she was surprised and delighted to have her favorite morning breakfast on her very own plate! (:

Remember that Mother’s day shouldn’t only be the day where you shower your mom with hugs and kisses. Instead it should be everyday that you thank your mother, even for the smallest things such as making you breakfast, waking you up in the morning, picking up your clothes, and much more. One thing that you should always do before leaving the house is give your mom a kiss and a hug because it lets her that you love her and appreciate her presence. Thus, I would encourage you guys to do something special for your mom today, whether it be a small dinner, a massage, cleaning your room, or just taking a moment to sit down with your mom and asking her how her day went.  

Quote: “A mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take.” -Cardinal Mermillod

P.S. How was your Mother’s Day ? I would love to hear how it was and what you guys did! (:


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