Things End, but Memories Last Forever

Things End, but Memories Last Forever

     Today was the big day; the day all the butterflies in my tummy would be free as I stepped into the room with my sparkly, princess gown. I took deep breaths and embraced the happiness that fulfilled that night. I was surrounded with the people I loved the most as I celebrated my sixteen birthday the summer of my sophomore year. This day created beautiful memories that I will forever wrap in my heart and share with my own family. Amongst all those moments one special person will be kept dearly in my heart and remain there for a life time. 

     Last week as I looked through my messages, I came upon a picture of my long time friend with her family and it reminded me that I had not spoken to her for more than five months. I clicked on the photo and what I saw crippled me from head to toe. I was ravished with grief and anxiety because my friend’s mother had passed away. It crushed my heart to fully accept the fact that she was no longer next to my best friend’s side. It made me even more sad, when I considered that her mother would no longer see her daughter walk down with her cap and gown on graduation day. My mind quickly shifted to the past as I remembered all those simply yet delightful moments that I shared with my friend’s mother. She was extremely sweet, gentle, helpful, but above all she was caring and always put a smile on her face. She was determined to accomplish all the goals she set out to do and pushed everyday for a better life for her kids. Everyday she woke up at five o’clock a.m. to attend work; she never gave up and continued to inspire her co-workers with her hard work and positive attitude. Her ultimate goal was for her kids to one day become professionals and establish a family with their ideal prince and princess.


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Ready, Set, Go !!

Ready, Set, Go !!

Dear High School Seniors,

  The time has come to apply to your dream school, begin the creative personal statements, and attend informational secessions for college applications. I don’t know about you guys but these words splash a wave of stress to my life; not to mention anxiety to be the ideal person for my dream school. As days go by I push back the day when I will sit down and complete the UC application and begin revising the essays that describe a unique feature about me. Everyday as soon as I hear words “college applications” I get butterflies in my tummy simply because these applications will reflect where I will be in the next four years of my life. 

For me personally the most arduous section of the common application is the personal essay because I want the person who reads it to get a chunk of my personality and reflect who I am above all the standardized tests in just 500 words. I want the reader to remember who I am amongst all the other candidates and recognize my abilities to succeed in such an environment. The qualities that I would love to blossom through my essay would be my positive attitude, responsibility, resilience to push forward in a plight circumstance, my friendliness, and above all my motivation to be with my family. However, the biggest challenge is how I will incorporate all these aspects and explain each one with description not by simply stating that I am “this” and “that,” but by means of examples. Despite, the stress to think of the exemplary time that addressed something unique about myself, something pleasant does come out of it. That is, that as you think of an example you are reversing back in time to relive all those memories that you cherished during high school and you think about all those steps that you have taken just to be where you are at right now; applying for college and once more starting a new chapter in your life. To me just thinking of this makes me feel bitter sweet because I realize  all the good times I have spent with the people I love as well as that in just ten months I will become more independent and make me way towards my ideal profession. Overall it makes me blessed to come this far in my life and continue to make new memories as the years go by. This perception can be thought of as the Bad Idea Farming that made my innovation project sprout out from the dim light bulb. It taught me that by contemplating bad ideas that serve the needs of the world, I can think of good ideas that tie back with my purpose. Thus, by thinking of poor ideas or ideas that you wish would have never happened to you for essay topics, it can stimulate you to improve such an idea into a realistic one that can be used for your personal statement. 

At the end of it all, I admonish all you guys to take sometime out of each day and work on your college essays because they can greatly determine your acceptance at your dream school. Also know that where ever you get accepted and decide to attend, keep in mind that you can succeed in any place if and only you are dedicated and have intrinsic motivation to become someone. 

Quote:  “The bad things that happen during our day are easy to spot. It’s the good things we need to look for and cherish, no matter how small they are.” 




Enlighten your Future !

Light the way towards Innovatoin

Dear readers,

          Have you every stumbled across a seed and wondered what it would bloom out to be ? As our world continues to cultivate into a thriving technological and medical system our mission as a society is to seek methods to improve our world and linger new ideas amongst ourselves. By doing so we can carry on the tradition to establish a new framework that will help our society according to the time period. Though this may be a challenge for most of us, because of our inability to be as creative as our peers, we can all work together to make a difference and light the way towards innovation.

This was my mission, when my english class was assigned to create an innovation project that would help the needs of our world. At first this lead me to being consternated and fluttered because I couldn’t think of any new idea that would please my teacher and society as well. As I saw how everyone thought of brilliant methods that were not only flourishing with new ideas, but were also concepts that sparked my classmates lives and the demand of society, I realized that I should think of a recipe that would produce my idea for my project. The biggest hardship I faced was how it would benefit society and be a new concept that no one has thought of doing. After mush deliberation, I realized that the only way I would compose an idea for my innovation project would be by being organized with all my concepts and seeing the pros and cons of each idea. Then I took into consideration what I would be most interested in fulfilling and dedicating my time to. Ultimately, I thought of ways my ideas would benefit the lives of society and admonish future english kids when creating an innovation project. 

Though these three steps seem simple, it helped me dig deep into the core of what I like to do, which is to spend time with kids suffering with a disorder or a disease. Thus, my goal for my innovation project is to create different tones of cloth dolls so that the kids at the hospital can express their feelings on the dolls. I plan on sewing the dolls, filling them with stuffing, and placing a motivational word on the heart of the dolls. I hope that by doing so the kids can be enlightened by creativity and it may sprout confidence for the kids to push forward during their critical state. I want to create as many of these dolls and share them with the Fountain Valley Regional hospital as well as the CHOC hospital. However, my concerns are that I’m not familiarized with sewing and don’t know if other people are willing to try something new as sewing to create the dolls. At the end of it all, I hope to try to make my project transform into reality by taking baby steps towards innovation. 


Quote: “Don’t resort to imitation but rather look for inspiration to further your own creation in pursuit of innovation.” 

Transforming Into a Princess

           Transforming into a Princess

It’s that time of the year when girls dazzle their wardrobe with their princess gown, exquisite makeup, and curls that bounce with every step they take. The time when their high school prince creatively asks them to attend the homecoming dance as their special date. This day transforms girls into beautiful goddesses, making them feel special and charming. Although this day is ravished with excitement, anxiousness, and happiness as a senior this year I was very skeptical on whether I should be a part of the homecoming mist.

In my three years at Fountain Valley High School I have never experienced butterflies buzzing in my stomach for a school dance; primarily because I’m extremely coyly and afraid of encountering new things. I have though, got a wave of nervousness when opening the workbook to the essay questions that the AP curriculum proposed during my AP English exam last year. However, getting ready for a dance is a different feeling that makes you feel comely inside and out. Thus, after much deliberation I came to the conclusion that homecoming was a piece of  puzzle to my senior memories. That on saturday as I would be getting ready I would remember the fuzziness I would feel in my stomach and the excitement to take many pictures with the people that I love. I realized that pictures might not capture my feelings, but the happiness in my face that I would share with my future family.

Thus, when I purchased my ticket on October 2, I was delighted with joy to open a new door in my life. And as I searched for a dress on saturday with my mother and sister, I became aware of  how amusing it was to try on dresses and become one step closer to the special day. Throughout this brief journey I told myself that my goal was to take baby steps to unlock a new adventure in my life. That whether it turned out pleasant our was a total mistake, I should approach it with positivity and be thankful for creating a new memory. 

This path reminded me that life should depend on trying new things and learning to be open with a new opportunity. In fact, this experience taught me a lesson when I approach my innovation project this year for english, which is that my project should not consist of an ordinary task, but instead one that is creative and can help a junk of people. I should try something new and see how well it works so that in the future I can either learn from my mistake or have more courage to try new ideas.

At the end of the day, just as cinderella transforms into her sparkly plumply dress so will every girl on the homecoming dance!

Quote: “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney


Senior Memories (: