Steps Towards Success(:

Moments that Take Our Breath Away

Breath, relax, and smile! As March makes it’s way to the end, and we approach the daffodils and golden sun of April, our minds leap into the warmth of spring. We smile about the humming birds and the cute animals that have awakened from their slumber sleep. Above all, as seniors in high school, we have approached the end of college acceptance and soon will make our final decision on where our journey will continue in the future….



For most of us, the month of March was bitter-sweet as if biting into the seeds of a bright red pomegranate. This feeling comes from both knowing whether our dream school has admitted us to be part of their community, and acknowledging that in just two in a half months we will be wearing our gowns and walking down the aisle to receive our diploma.


As we have spent mornings, afternoons, and nights refreshing our email and checking the mail to see if our school has reported any message about our status, we are reminded of what patience is and learn to value it more. In fact, most of us can agree that March is a month where patience blossoms, which can make each one of us feel anxiety and desperation to know if we have been admitted to our college. This feeling that we feel upon opening our mail and discovering our status, can be experienced in the novel, 1984 by George Orwell. Specifically the famous scene when the protagonist, Winston Smith, is in awe when he reads the small note that the, “….girl with dark hair…” hands him when they encountered one another (88). Although the note was crinkled, the words plastered on them were clear; they read, I love you in bold letters. As soon as Winston read this his mind went blank, just as when we first read our acceptance to our dream school. For a brief moment we stop breathing and only listen to the beats of our heart as we repeat the words, you have been accepted, over and over again, until we can continue again with reality.



Additionally, after Winston reads this note he is anxious and, “For several seconds he was[is] too stunned even to throw the incriminating thing into the memory hole” (90). We can relate to this when witnessing the decision of our colleges, whether it was an acceptance or a denial. Personally, I know that this was a struggle for me to focus on school let alone sleep, after realizing that I had been admitted as well as denied to my schools. My mind was whirling in both thanking God for such a miracle that He had placed in my life, but also stuffing my mind with grief because I traced back all the hard work I had put in my four years of high school. It left a dark hole in my heart because I saw how all my late nights, hours of studying, and sacrifices I had made to get my grades in tip top shape were all washed down the drain in a matter of seconds…


However, I viewed this moment in my life as one more step up, instead of backwards, towards accomplishing my aspirations. Despite it leaving me with distress I learned to accept the fact that not all colleges would allow me be to be part of their faculty. I recognized that God does things for a reason and has plans for everyone of us; he never fails to leave our side even in the darkest moments. The fact that He chose colleges that were near home instead of far away from my family, allowed me to appreciate that I might have not been able to life without my family’s love and support everyday. Thus, even though most of us might not have been admitted to our dream school, don’t allow this to be a hill that you can’t bypass. Instead learn to accept it and move forward with a positive attitude because the schools that did accept you saw a bright person who is ready to achieve many goals in their community!


Despite the fact that we only have a week left in March, which means a week left in knowing our status, don’t be impatient, but simply let life follow through. Whatever happens, know that you are a unique individual who has the ability to make a difference in many peoples lives. Never think you are less of a person, just because you are denied from a school. Learn to accept God’s plan and enjoy the few months before you walk away from high school. (:


Quote; “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” -Unknown

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