Drip Drop…Drip Drop (:

Rainy Days Brighten Our days so Smile !

As soon as I woke up today I was anxious to step out the door and finally lay eyes on the droplets of rain. It has been a while since California has experienced any rain; thus when the weather man announced that we would be drizzled with a three day storm, I was overjoyed and excited to frolic in the rain! I not only love the sound of rain, but enjoy the fresh smell that allures our noses as we step outside.



To me a perfect rainy day, is when you splash and play in the rain before you enjoy the comfort of your home. Once you shower in the rain, you come home and take a warm relaxing bath, so that you are extra cozy when you are in your house. Then you sit by the window, light the fire place, put on your fluffy socks, and make the ultimate hot chocolate as you listen peacefully to the rain.



My all time favorite hot chocolate recipe is that of my mother’s; one cup of sweet goodness that sprinkles your mouth with a creamy chocolate sensation. She calls it “Hot Coco on a Drizzled Morning.” The ingredients to making this devouring drink are simple and sweet! They are:

  • Water
  • Abuelita hot chocolate ( can be found in any local market)


  • 3 Sticks of Cinnamon


  • powder cinnamon
  • milk
  • marshmallows (mini are best)


The steps to making this delicious hot coco are quick, but should be done with love to make the perfect drink!

  1. First start boiling up water at medium heat and place the three sticks of cinnamon into the water. Make sure to keep an eye on this because you don’t want the water to evaporate completely.
  • The pan I am using will serve of to four people.


2) Then, once the water has come to a complete boil, you will notice that it has turned a light red velvet color. Once you notice this, you are ready to place one full cube and a half into the water.

3) Next, begin to mix the water so that you dissolve the chocolate cube completely.

4)Allow it to boil until you have noticed that the cube of chocolate is completely dissolved.

5)Now add one full cup of milk into the mixture. Make sure to lower the heat to minimal when you pour the milk so that it slowly gives the overall mixture a creamy feeling.

6)Next, take the spoon and simply mix all the flavors together in slow motion, until the hot coco comes to a boil.

Image7) Finally, turn off the heat and add one cup and half of mini marshmallows. Keep mixing until the marshmallows completely dissolve.

8) Now, pour the hot coco into a cup and place one stick of cinnamon to the side with a fluff of whip cream and a couple sprinkles of powdered cinnamon.

9)Enjoy! (:



Make sure to try this hot chocolate, because it will devour in your mouth and toast you up as you listen to the drip drops of rain!

Above all what I enjoy most about rainy days is the coziness you feel when you’re all bundled up in your blanket and reading or watching your favorite book or movie. My favorite movie to watch on rainy days are Harry Potter movies or Disney movies, such as Toy Story, The Lion King, Enchanted, and more! I also love to write in my diary or work on my scrapbook. Keep in mind that rainy days are just a few times a year,( at least in California) so cherish them and create memories that you will one day tell your kids! Don’t be restraint to keeping yourself dry on rainy days, because you can always get cozy, but you might never get a chance to dance in the rain until next year!


If you have ever read famous novel, Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad you can see how restraint can be both beneficial as well as regretting for your future. For instance, as Marlow (protagonist) embarks on his voyage to meet the well-respected and admired Mr. Kurtz he is among natives called cannibals. These people are those who’s main food source are humans. Although this may sound scary, the fact that these people were restraint to not eat anyone on board was a positive outcome and relief for Marlow to know that he was free from being eaten. However, we also see how restraint can also play a negative role in the novel. For example, the fact that Kurtz is obsessed with ivory and will do anything to get his hands on it, shows that he has no restraint and no limits to stop himself from harming anyone like the Africans. Thus, restraint can be good as well as bad, unless we don’t have limits to control our desires. Hence, remember that being restraintful on rainy days will deprive you from creating a memory that you will remember in the long, so go out there and make the best out of it ! (:


Quote: “ Life is full of hope. There’s always sunshine after a rainy day.” -Unknown


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