Don’t Let a Precious Time Pass Away….

Life is not Measured by the Breaths We Take, but the Moments that Take our Breath Away

This quote is one that I love to repeat in my head, because it brings me back to what truly matters in life and allows me to reflect on my goals. As a senior my head is a layered stack of blueberry pancakes because of college applications, financial aid deadlines, and now applying for scholarships, which is the fluff of whip cream on top of my pancakes.


At times I feel as though I spend most of my free time refreshing my email for college updates and realizing that I need to fill yet another application. My head is bombarded with school work, track, and college of course that I feel like it is never ending. Not to mention the anxiety I feel every time I unlock the mailbox for college letters.


As the clock tick tock’s away, and we approach March, my heart races and I am afraid yet excited to see where the next chapters in my life will continue. It is of course the month that most senior students will discover if their dream school has admitted them or not and how it will deviate their goals for their future. Personally, this scares me because I’m afraid of not getting the letter I would love to see in the mail, but much more I am petrified by what I will encounter in college.


For most students the Month of march can be bittersweet. That is because we know that when we open letters from colleges we all want it to joyfully read, Congratulations! You have been admitted to….However, sometimes this is not the case, which makes many students loose hope to the point that they face seniorities and focus on all the negative effects of what they are doing as individuals. Although this is overly dramatic, I too would be crushed to realize that I didn’t get admitted to my dream school; that all my hard work throughout the four years of high school served me no purpose other than committing myself to a junior college. Despite such thoughts, after watching a TED video in my english class about college admission and the reasons why not getting into your dream school should not be the end of the road, I acknowledged that sure it would feel amazing to say I am part of my dream school, but there are endless schools that are just as great as that one. I learned that whether I do or don’t get into my dream school, what matters is not where I will start, but where I will end and the abundant memories I will create with people I meet along the way. Thus, for all those senior students who may feel sad after re-checking the letter to their school, don’t be, just think of it as an opportunity to learn about life by recognizing to accept the decision and making a positive effort to look at your second school as a choice. Think of this as a way of God telling you that better things lie in your future, you just need to be patient. (:

Check out this video, it will inspire your mind to think of positive ways to move forward not only with college applications, but life in general!

In addition, once we have happily committed to one of our colleges, whether it be a community, cal state, UC, or private, we all face the adventure of getting prepared for college. To me this is what brings me chills, because if you really stop and think about it once Prom comes we are steps closer to walking down the aisle, receiving our diploma, and packing our belongings for college. The minute we step out of our home, we are independents who will learn to manage our lives without the help of our family guiding us to paradise. We will solve our problems and make the choices that seem best for us as we create our own memories and reach our future plans. Personally, I am fearful of what I will encounter in college and I know the first few days will be a bit rough because I will have to familiarize myself with college life, but I hope to do so with a positive attitude.



Just this week my AP Psychology class got the opportunity to go to Chapman University, which is a private school that I am very interested in and hope to be part of the Panther community. Walking through the halls of Chapman I realized the atmosphere of college and became anxious to start my voyage. When I saw all the students passively sitting in a shady tree and simply reading I saw how calm and relaxed they were. This brought me tranquility to know that my dream school was embellished with a stress free environment. Not to mention the faculty at Chapman was beyond helpful, genial, and smiling the entire time. I felt at home and it made me want to be called a Panther next fall!



Moreover, I was elated to hear the famous Philip Zimbardo speak about his Stanford Prison Experiment and his goals of being a hero to our society. It was an honor to have Zimbardo just inches away from me, as I attentively listened to his speech about psychology and what transforms a person from good to evil and vice versa. At the end of the presentation he taught us a very important lesson, which was to be thankful for those surrounding us by giving them a compliment, thanking our parents, or simply passing a hug to that special person. As I got home that day I thought of how thankful I was to have both of my parents by my side, guiding me to make the right choices and teaching me life lessons that will help me in the future before reaching college.

This further made me realize how even though I may be extremely busy on weekends with school and practice, I should make a stronger effort to spend more quality time with my family. I recognized it has been over two years that my family and I don’t sit together for dinner. We all grab our dinner and go to our little dug out to enjoy our food. My mother and father eat in the living room, my brother in the kitchen while he gets ready for work, and my sister and I in the kitchen. My brother and I have acknowledged that due to this habit we are splitting further apart and don’t enjoy the company of one another as we use to.


Thus, my brother thought of a great plan to start becoming a family once more, because he too has recognized that now in college he wished he could have spent more time with us, whether it was for a simply family dinner or a day at Disneyland, he knowns that in the future what he will remember the most are the memories he created not the quadratic formula in math class. My brother thought it was a brilliant idea to have every Sunday be family share time, which means we will find time to go out to eat and sit down as a family. Each one of us will leave our books, phones, and any other distraction from our family time at dinner. We hope that by doing this we can share more time together and create more memories before my brother, sister and I will move forward with our lives. (: We are starting this weekend and I hope to blog about it next week and share the adventures we encountered as a family.

For me this is such a marvelous idea because I know that in the four months before I go to college I will remember with delight all the memories my family and I have shared together! Thus I encourage each one of your guys to make an effort to spend more time with your family, especially if your a senior, because these moments are truly precious. They remind us of what is truly important in life and allow us to maintain a positive attitude when something fails. Don’t wait, make a positive choice in your life, I promise you won’t regret it! (:

Quote: “ We looked at the venerable stream not in the vivid flush of a short day that comes and departs for ever, but in the august light of abiding memories.” -The Heart of Darkness


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