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Innovation Creation !

Creativity is a trait that each and everyone of us have within us. It’s just the matter how you think beyond others, that makes you stand out among the rest of the people. You need to want to be different and unique to think outside the box. It takes time, but it’s not impossible. It can bring you great joy, especially when you think creatively for those around you during a group project.


We are complex human creatures that seek enjoyment and success for the benefit of ourselves, but most importantly those with which we surround ourselves.

One day as I was going to my Friday hospital shift at the Fountain Valley hospital, I saw this book catch my attention. It was not like any other book. Not necessarily because it was fancy, because it was actually fallen apart, but because of what it had inside. When I opened it I unlocked the key to make a difference in a child’s life. It was a book that had warm fuzzy letters that the kids at the hospital had written. They had addressed their stay at the hospital, wrote why they were there, and took the time to thank the nurses for their help. Some letters had advice for future kids that came to the hospital. Above all what left me in awe was the positive attitude these kids had when writing these letters. Despite their critical plight they managed to write an encouraging note to future kids in order to show them to be strong and hopeful. I acknowledged how each letter was filled with a warm sensation that fulfilled my heart with joy. It also made me realize how life is too precious to always be thinking negatively or finding ways that make us think less about ourselves. Beyond this it opened yet another door to my ambition to want to help kids. Thus, for my innovation project for english I knew that anything I ended up creating would be centered in my desire to help kids bypass their misery at their bedside.


I decided to talk to Deborah, who is the head executive of the Joni’s Angels club and who takes care of the volunteer work at the hospital, in order to discuss on ways that I could make a child’s stay at the hospital more pleasant. As we discussed ideas, I became penetrated to one project that I thought would resemble my desire to help kids as they struggle to overcome their discomfort. My mission is to create 50 cloth dolls with Michelle my partner. Each doll will have a cute heart and a ribbon for the kids at the hospital. The heart will represent love and comfort, while the ribbons will represent unity so that the kids know that they are not alone, but have many people who care about them and appreciate their presence. My goal is for the kids to purge their emotions on the dolls because many kids have a hard time describing let along saying what they are going through. Hence, with these  cloth dolls the kids can learn to express their emotions or draw how they wish to feel in the future once they recover from their critical state. For me ill-term kid are not a fence deny entrance to happiness, but a blessing that God has sent to be filled with tenderness and care.



I hope that each one of you can follow my blog about my Miracle dolls at  http://miracledolls.wordpress.com and my Instagram at miracle_dolls.  It would mean the world to my partner Michelle and I to have more followers so that we can spread awareness to future students and families who have a child going through a rough time or simply need comfort. We will be making a short video on how to start the process of making the dolls next week, so stay tuned! Spread awareness and make a difference in someones life this week.

Quote: “Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.” -Brene Brown


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