Start the New Year Healthy ! (:

A Delightful Fruit Smoothie

As we let go of 2013 and all the yummy food we have stuffed our bellies with, try to make an effort to start the New Year’s healthy.



Every million of people devour twelve grapes as the clock strikes midnight and they make their New Year’s resolution. Almost 99% of the time one of those twelve grapes symbolizes the commitment of eating healthier and going to the gym more frequently for the new years. In fact, after the first of January the gyms are packed with people wanting to buy their full year membership card in order to follow their new year’s resolution list. However, as the year proceeds less and less people go to the gym or take time to be active for at least 45 minutes in their day. As you read this you may be that person that has lost motivation in staying healthy for a whole year. I don’t blame you because maintaining a healthy lifestyle, includes having time to prepare a nutritious meal, resisting yummy desserts and sweets, and most importantly having your body adapt to healthier foods from one day to the next.



My family was just the opposite of following a healthy routine; and it’s nothing to be ashamed of because everyone has a busy schedule and don’t have time to go to the gym or fix a green packed meal for dinner. From mothers coming home tired from work and continuing their work at home by cooking yummy easy dinners and putting their kids to sleep, to father’s working ten hours a day in order to hold a roof for their families, to student’s piling their day with five or more AP classes. Despite the barrels that prevent us from staying healthy, we should all make an effort to start being active little by little or attempt to eat healthier by grabbing a yogurt oatmeal bar instead of a chocolate filling twinkie. Now instead of going out for a late night donut dessert, my family and I go walk or lightly jog as a family at Mile Square Park.


One way that my family and I have made our lives healthier is by my mother’s morning oatmeal fruit smoothie. I have drank this smoothie for breakfast every since sixth grade and all I can say is that it helps your body dramatically. It provides your body with a boost of energy and vitamins that helps you stay awake throughout the day so that you work at your fullest potential and it decreases your desire for junk food because it fills you up. Before you say, “yuk oatmeal as a smoothie,” give it a try, and see how your body will greatly appreciate oatmeal as a balanced meal in the morning.


The ingredients to make the fruit smoothie are:

* Green apples or fuji apples —–> apples are full of soluble fibre, which is important when controlling blood sugar swings in order to prevent diabetes.


  • Pineapple —–> pineapples are loaded with vitamin C, which is a key ingredient for our immune system to fight against viruses.


A splash of grapes —–> grapes are full of antioxidant nutrients and serve an important role for protection against cancer because it lowers levels of oxidative stress in our body.


  • Spinach ——> Spinach contains a lot of potassium that can help your bones feel less weak and energized.


  • Oatmeal ——> Researchers have shown that oatmeal works to maintain your belly full, reduce cholesterol, and prevent serious heart malfunctions.


* Water ——> water has a lot of roles, one being to distribute essential nutrients to cells like vitamins and glucose and cleanse our body from bad toxins.

I would advise everyone to at least give this smoothie a try and see how good your body will feel after drinking it. If you do try it and you absolutely can’t tolerate it then incorporate fruits and veggies into your dinner. For example, if one day I don’t feel that I have filled my body with greens I try my best to include one green in my dinner. I am a lover of pastas, especially creamy chicken alfredo pasta; thus instead of adding extra cheese or a sprinkle of bacon I add a cup of spinach or broccoli because I know that when their lightly boiled (not raw) I can tolerate the taste with my all time favorite meal.


Additionally, if you continue to not have time to work out or make a healthy dinner, try mini green shots as a dessert. Right after you have eaten your dinner wait some time and make a green packed smoothie. It doesn’t have to be big, but tiny. However, it should include:

* Spinach


*A green apple or a green pair


and if you want it sweet:

*either pieces of pineapple or half a banana

Remember that because this juice will blend all greens the moment you place it in a cup, be sure to drink it quickly so you get all the vitamins and nutrients that you need.


Overall, I bet that most of you guys might be wondering why people will try so hard to make their lives miserable especially at such a young age. Keep in minder that the longer you wait to start being healthy the longer you wait on enjoying your future from illnesses and malfunctions. Take a moment to question how these smoothies will benefit your body and your life overall. If you think deeply and consider how eating properly will help you focus more on school work, fill your body with energy, and make you more awake you will not turn again to the sugar plums that win your hearts late at night. Thus, just how in my english class we came up with questions that made us ponder about Frankenstein and life in general, I encourage you to come up with questions on ways to improve your lifestyle by staying active, eating healthy, or doing both !

Quote: “The principle is competing against yourself. It’s about self-improvement, about being better than you were the day before.” -Steve Young


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