Farewell ….

Everyday is an Adventure

Fivefourthreetwoone… Happy New year !! May your new year be full of miracles and precious moments of bliss. As we say goodbye to 2013, greet the new year with love, patience, and Blessings. Be sure to make promises that you can achieve and try your best to make them realities.



For me 2013 was a year that I learned a lot about myself and grew as a person. For the first time I took the challenge of taking three AP courses and managed to get across the year with dedication and words of encouragement from my teachers. I learned to be patient with myself when I didn’t understand math, be intrinsically motivated with my school work so that I could understand the topics of AP Biology, but most importantly I learned how to be organized because without it, it can destroy your whole afternoon like a tornado. I also learned to be optimistic when experiencing new obstacles on my journey. For instance, after the first semester of my Junior year, I was nervous to receive my new schedule because I didn’t want any of my classes let alone my teachers to change. Within a week of the new semester I continued my routine of my same classes, until I was in math class and my teacher got a phone call from my ceramics teacher, explaining that my consular had switched my first and sixth period. I panicked as my hands prickled with sweat and my face turned red from frustration and confusion. Throughout the whole day I was worried of who my new math teacher would be and if she would teach the same way as my old teacher. I thought it was all a dream because this had never happened to me. As I stepped into the class I saw before me a women that had a delicate sweet face, and had all her belongings neatly placed on her desk. I remember that the first days of my new class was difficult because I was so use to my old teachers way of teaching that my mind would not deviate to a new form of taking notes or taking partner tests. I came home discouraged because I didn’t understand trig identities and blamed it on the way my new teacher was showing me to solve the problem. As the days went by I found methods to solve problems by myself and then re-check with my teacher if I truly didn’t understand it. After the first few times I asked my teacher for help, I got the confidence to ask her more questions whenever I had tried countless formulas. By the end of the year, I realized that my new teacher was the sweetest mot helpful teacher I had ever had. She was so patient with me and made every effort to answer all my questions thoroughly. Now as a senior when I come across a problem that I need a detailed step by step process I go in and ask her for help. This experience made me realize how to be more open when plans don’t go as expected; it taught me to be resilient and confident when speaking to my teachers. Additionally, I also had the opportunity of joining cross country as a senior for the first time. I absolutely enjoy it and am grateful to have join because I now have a group of girls who I consider my second family and have found a hobby that I love to do and will continue to do in college. Although this year has been full of adventures that have taught me to be both thankful and patient, I hope to create new memories that will help me learn more about life and spend it with the people I love the most, my family.

For this new year my goals are to become closer to God,  spend more time with my family, be more confident with myself and others, and learn to remember from my mistakes. These are just a few things I will wish for as the clock strikes twelve this tuesday when I am gulping the juicy grapes and giving fluffy hugs to my family. Many of us, including I, find it hard to accomplish all these goals simply because our lives revolve around school work, sports, jobs, family time, and stressful surprises that prevent us from reaching our ambitions. However, for this year make it a mission to achieve at least three of your goals (whether they be big or small long or short). Try to come up with wishes that you think you will truly carry out; be realistic as possible and make every effort to obtain your target. Be adventurous for the New year and remember that just like Robert Walton and his ambition to reaching the North Pole in Frankenstein progresses, so should yours throughout the year! (: 


Quote: “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.” -Unknown

“May every day of the new year glow with good cheer and happiness for you and your family.” –Unknown 



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