Take a Moment to Make a Difference (:

Twinkle Upon a Star

        In the mist of unwrapping our gifts, filling our bellies with yummy mac and cheese casserole, chewy chocolate chip cookies, and peppermint hot coco we forget to think of those who can’t cherish the christmas season as they would like to. Have you ever wondered how other families spend their christmas season? As christmas approaches in just a few days, do we remember to share a bit of our christmas bliss with others? Think about…..


        Most people fail to acknowledge that many families are spending their holiday season at their child’s bedside in the hospital. These families don’t get caught in the holiday rush of buying the most valuable gift for their loved one, but simply wish for their child to recover from their critical state. All they can do is make the best out of the christmas spirit by spending quality time with their child and making their days brighter during the most wonderful time of the year.


        Throughout December as I volunteered at the Fountain Valley Hospital, I saw how all the little kids spent their holiday bliss in a small, white room with a cocoon of needs attached to their arms. It devastated me to them huddled in a gloomy state because for me christmas is nothing without the colorful lights, the bright green christmas tree, and spending time with family. I love walking around the mall or simply the neighborhood and feel the christmas spirit around me. Thus, when I saw the kids restricted in their bedsides while watching christmas movies I realized how thankful one should be to spend their christmas with their families at home. I recognized that all these kids in the hospital would experience a new side of christmas as  they made an effort to smile on christmas day. One thing in particular caught my attention. As I was cleaning the playroom I found a book labeled A Journey of Hope. I was curious to see what it had inside, so I opened it. To my surprise it was a book that was full of precious letters from children who had written about their experience at the hospital. What amazed me was not how many kids had taken the courage to share their journey as they battled to recover, but the positivity that each one had in their writing. Every letter was addressed with the child’s reason for coming to the hospital, then thanking all the nurses for their help, and finally ending with a sweet advise for future patients. Despite some kids spending more than a month at the hospital each one took the time to write good things about their plight and encourage others who wish to give up. 


        For me this was adorable and astonishing because typically kids at this young age tend to think negatively, but as a matter of fact they think more positively than we do. For instance, for us we feel like our world is going to corrupt to pieces when we don’t get the gift we expect, receive a bad grade, or not get to spend time with friends on christmas  break. We complain so much about little things and we fail to appreciate what we already have and the people that love us the most, our family. Our minds are drifted towards perfection, but the kids at the hospital strive to get better even by a little each day. Their only desire is to sleep in their cozy bed and be at home with their family on christmas day. 

        After the day I saw those letters, as I went back home I looked up at the stars and realized how separated each one was. I thought of how many people get caught up in the glitter of christmas season, but don’t take time to help someone in need. Thus, for this new year I ask that each and everyone one of us make an effort to help a person in need by donating money, food, or simply making someone smile. These holidays are precious, but as long as we remember to give thanks and make a difference in a person’s life. (: 


Quote: “To the world you may be one person. To one person you may be the world.” -Unknown

“Never underestimate the power of a single act of kindness. Your act may just be the added lift that someone needs to go from falling to flying.” -Zero Dean


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