Christmas Season ! (:

All I want for Christmas is You !

Ho, ho, ho ! It’s the most wonderful time of the year, when we hear the jolly christmas songs and sit by the warm fire place. Our bellies are full of delicious food as we cherish every moment with our family. We prepare the christmas tree with colorful lights and decorate our home with red and green ornaments. Best of all we carry on family traditions that remind us of the happiness of christmas season. 


One tradition that my family and I carry is to go see the huge christmas tree at Fashion Island on christmas day. We always take a picture by the tree and look back to how much we have changed throughout the year. We love to walk around the mall with warm hot coco and simple appreciate each others company. Additionally, we also make sure that before New Years Eve we sit as a family in the living room and devour a yummy traditional raisin bread that my grandma makes as we watch our past videos on christmas day. We laugh at how excited each one of us would get as we open our presents and unwrap what we wanted all along. Above all these traditions, my favorite is the secret stocking message. Every year my parents buy red fuzzy stockings and each one of us decorate our stockings with glitter, christmas quotes, and cute holiday images. Once done we hang them by our mini library and every other day we place little notes or small gifts in each stocking that will brighten that person’s day. Then on christmas day we get our stockings and read all the cute messages that the other person has written for us. I really love this tradition because it reminds me that not every present needs to be expensive or of some extraordinary value, but instead should be a gift that the other person will be grateful for just because it came from you! As the years continue I hope that I can share this tradition on with my future family. 


Although traditions can sprout warmth and togetherness of families, sometimes we should be open to experience new ways of spending the holidays. I know this can be irrational to do because it takes away the christmas magic, but we should “…try the peanut butter pie,” when everyone else eats the apple pie, just as my english teacher admonished us to do. I realized this after my teacher shared with us places that he had gone with his family. It sparked my curiosity to visit the Newport Forest Place or dine at Angelo’s and Vinci’s restaurant; especially when discovering how close these places were to me. Although I was a bit skeptical about choosing a restaurant to go eat with my family this weekend, I couldn’t resist going to the delicious Plum’s dine-out in Costa Mesa that my english teacher had recommended. I absolutely love breakfast and   was excited to try the Plum’s famous Dutch Baby, which is a fluffy pancake skillet powered with a citric dressing of sugar and lemon. With every bite I took I felt the crunchiness of the bread and the buttery smoothness of the inside blossom in my mouth. In the matter of seconds the Dutch Baby was gone and we were delighted to have tasted such a flaky dessert. If any of you guys every wish to eat at Plum’s never forget to try the Dutch Baby because it will fill your bellies with warm delights. I realized how good this restaurant was, and now my family and I are less regretful of trying new things such as a new place to eat because it teaches us different cultures’ traditional foods. We have tried foods such as Pho and traditional chicken marinated fettuccine spaghetti with grilled chicken lemon, yum! 



This experience has showed me that trying new things can be intimidating at first because we don’t know what to expect or if we will like the outcome of it, but as long as we give it a try it’s all that matters. Whether it be trying a new dish, a rigorous AP course, or trying a new sport it can teach you life lessons that will help you in the future. In my opinion the biggest fear we have when trying new things is making a mistake, but really this is what makes a successful decision because you gain insight about life and learn to not repeat that mistake again when making adult decisions. Thus, as the holiday cheer progresses, be the special person that tries the peanut butter pie as you discover more about yourself! Ho, ho, ho Merry Christmas ! (:


Quote: “Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” -Maria Robinson


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