Real Eyes, Realize Life

Remember the Joy, and Forget the Past

        Everyday we capture memories that make us think, appreciate, and be thankful for our life. Each memory carries a secret lesson that makes us learn from our mistakes and value the importance of growing up. As we continue opening new doors, we relive moments of joy and experience moments of grief that remind us of our past.


        At some point in our lives, we all have had to let go of a precious figure that changed our lives. As this years holiday season approaches our hearts are filled with joy of all the memories we spent with our loved one. Sometimes though these moments of sadness can approach by surprise when we encounter a situation that is similar to the cause of our loved ones death.

        For instance, when my friend’s mother passed away I didn’t cry during that moment, but  when I saw pictures and videos of her at our family gatherings I mourned and thought of her constantly. I placed myself in my friend’s shoes and felt heartbroken because I don’t know what I would do without my mother by my side; after all she provides me with the most sincerest advice, care, and love. I thought of  how my friend’s mom would not have the privilege of seeing her daughter graduate, walk down the ally as she says her vows to her charming prince, and meet her grandchildren. As I look back at this loss, I realize that I didn’t cry when I found out my friend’s mother had died, simply because I was in complete shock of how quickly it had happened. However, now as I am aware of her presence I am easily drawn back to her kindness and humble voice whenever I look at my own mother.


        In the play known as Hamlet, the protagonist feels similar emotions about his father, King Hamlet, when he watches a play. In fact, like most of us Hamlet showed little empathy when his father passed away, but as he watched the performance about a man being slaughtered and his wife moving forward without a struggle, he was instantly reminded of his father. Thus, for Hamlet the play is a catharsis towards his father’s lost. In the same way, we experience catharsis whenever something sparks our emotions about our loved ones. 

 Quote: “When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure.”-Unknown

“Losing  a loved one leaves a heartache no one can heal but their loving memory is a precious gift that no one can steal.” -Unknown 


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