Love is Blind

Love is Blind

     The love between a parent and a child is the kind that never vanishes, even during the most unpleasant times. A parent will sacrifice their entire life for the safety of their beloved child. For a parent their ultimate goal is for their bundle of joy to be happy and successful in life. To me this was especially hard to accept as a sophomore when I was forced to transfer schools. 


      It was my sophomore year at Los Amigos High School and I was just beginning to familiarize myself with how the high school experience functioned. The school was pretty small, so by then I already knew the little short cuts to get to my classes faster as well as the best lunch; it being the fruit and pecan chicken salad. I also become more acquainted with the small classes, the kindness of the teachers to always make sure there was no ambiguity for any assignment, the coziness of the library, but above all the family environment I felt every time I walked into a classroom. Since the moment I unlocked the doors to my high school journey I was delighted to spend it with my best friend Judy whom I’ve had the blessing of meeting since fourth grade. She and I are like peanut butter and jelly; we are not just friends, but sisters. She is the person that keeps my feet grounded, provides me with sincere amiability other than my mother, and reminds me that there is always hope at the end of the tunnel. Every instant I spend with my friend is a moment I keep in my heart because I rarely get to see her. 


     One experience that I will keep in my heart is the time Judy, my sister, and I helped warp books for the kids at Barnes and Nobles in Fashion Island. It was during christmas break so the store was furnished with colorful lights and jolly christmas songs. As soon as our volunteer shift finished we had planned to walk around the stores and visit the shimmering christmas tree. However, our plan was ruined because it was raining, so we waited inside the store until it calmed down. What started off as a drizzle, ended up being a three hour wait. Thus, we decided to play hide and go seek. At first we were embarrassed of the idea, but we realized that there were other kids who were bored despite the christmas feeling. This encouraged us to ask them if they wanted to play with us and as soon as we did their faces light up with joy. We spent the rest of our afternoon playing hide and seek as more and more kids joined our game. This memory reminded me that around my best friend I can unlock my childly self with out being judged. Thus, when my parents told my siblings and I about moving schools I froze and felt hopeless. 

     Everyday I implored them to let me continue in the school I was in until I finished my sophomore year, but despite my fussiness they perpetually said no. They told me that the decision they had made was only to help me in the future. My mother especially told me that I should be open to new confrontations in life because nothing would continue being the same all the time. I ignored her advice and maintained a negative attitude towards moving. This lead me to be more stress about school because even though I did all my homework and studied, I kept getting low test scores. Once I received my progress report I shattered at how much my grades were dropping. I decided to give my new school a chance and focus on where I was now instead of where I had been. I noticed how I began to enjoy school again. I also became more open about meeting new people and familiarizing myself with my new school. At the end of this journey I came to value my mother’s advice. I realized that my parents decision was not to keep me away from my best friend, but simple allow me to learn about life. So much that as a senior now I am more comfortable and open when facing new challenges. I have become less attached to things, in a healthy way by moving out of my comfort zone and recognizing that life keeps moving even though you feel like your world has stopped for an eternity. 

     Similarly, in Hamlet, when Laertes is leaving to France to go back to school, his father Polonuis gives him advise. However, Laertes feels like his words of wisdom are merely words of gibberish. This was the same attitude I had when my mother tried to teach me about life. Just like me Laertes will realize that his father’s words will help him face struggles when living in france. In fact, the advice that a parent gives their child are the words that they will remember the most when they go off to college and start their life on their own. Overall this journey taught me to be understanding as well as patient for the decisions my parents make for me, until I get older, because it means they love me that much more and want me to learn about life.


 Quote: “Love and appreciate your parents. We are often so busy growing up, we forget they are also growing up.” -unknown 

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