Things End, but Memories Last Forever

Things End, but Memories Last Forever

     Today was the big day; the day all the butterflies in my tummy would be free as I stepped into the room with my sparkly, princess gown. I took deep breaths and embraced the happiness that fulfilled that night. I was surrounded with the people I loved the most as I celebrated my sixteen birthday the summer of my sophomore year. This day created beautiful memories that I will forever wrap in my heart and share with my own family. Amongst all those moments one special person will be kept dearly in my heart and remain there for a life time. 

     Last week as I looked through my messages, I came upon a picture of my long time friend with her family and it reminded me that I had not spoken to her for more than five months. I clicked on the photo and what I saw crippled me from head to toe. I was ravished with grief and anxiety because my friend’s mother had passed away. It crushed my heart to fully accept the fact that she was no longer next to my best friend’s side. It made me even more sad, when I considered that her mother would no longer see her daughter walk down with her cap and gown on graduation day. My mind quickly shifted to the past as I remembered all those simply yet delightful moments that I shared with my friend’s mother. She was extremely sweet, gentle, helpful, but above all she was caring and always put a smile on her face. She was determined to accomplish all the goals she set out to do and pushed everyday for a better life for her kids. Everyday she woke up at five o’clock a.m. to attend work; she never gave up and continued to inspire her co-workers with her hard work and positive attitude. Her ultimate goal was for her kids to one day become professionals and establish a family with their ideal prince and princess.


     Although this news is still devastating to accept, I can’t even imagine how tough it  must have been for my friend to acknowledge that her mother’s presence was no longer with her. At times like this it taught me that life is precious, every moment matters and we should be thankful for the people who help us seek our flaws because they just want the best for us. It made me realize that our parents are our gift from heaven, they are our blanket when were cold, our warmth when we need support, our friend when we need love, and the missing puzzle to our heart. This tragedy made me get much closer to my parents and thank God that I have them next me with every step I take.

After such a melancholy situation, I realized that my friend wanted to be alone, she didn’t want comfort instantly, but instead needed to accept what had happened and slowly recover from it. I became wistful because I didn’t want her to be depressed, but I recognized that for my friend it was easier to take a step back from life, and regain control of her life when she became fully aware of what she was going through. To many people this is may be alarming, but being lonely can make you acknowledge your goals and motivate you to keep trying every time you stumble and have no desire to proceed. It makes you aware of who is really there for you and who is absent during your critical sate of being. Despite it being positive it can also sprout negative effects to your life. In the novel Othello one of the main themes described is, seeking not be lonely. For instance, Othello is corrupted and ultimately wallowing in his filth by the end of the novel by closing every door to his life because he was manipulated into thinking that his loving wife was deceiving him. At the end of the novel it was struggle for Othello to accept being lonely as it leaded him to create the biggest mistake of his life, that is killing his dear wife. Whether you like to be alone or be comforted by your loved ones, remember that your never truly alone, you always have the Lord right next to you who guides towards hope and happiness.

At the end of the day, my prayers go to my friend and her family so that the Lord can provide them with motivation to push through these tough times, give them the force to wake up everyday with a smile, and allow them to feel their mothers presence when they need it most.

Quote: “Some people come into our lives, leave foot prints on our hearts, and we are never the same.” -unknown 

“God gives the hardest battles to the strongest soldiers.” -unknown



2 thoughts on “Things End, but Memories Last Forever

  1. Thank you for sharing this post. It was a great read as it reminded me of the difficult times I went through myself when I lost a good friend and role model. Your friend may be going through a very painful experience, but you’re right – she’s not alone. God is just taking time to let her find her missing peace.

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