Ready, Set, Go !!

Ready, Set, Go !!

Dear High School Seniors,

  The time has come to apply to your dream school, begin the creative personal statements, and attend informational secessions for college applications. I don’t know about you guys but these words splash a wave of stress to my life; not to mention anxiety to be the ideal person for my dream school. As days go by I push back the day when I will sit down and complete the UC application and begin revising the essays that describe a unique feature about me. Everyday as soon as I hear words “college applications” I get butterflies in my tummy simply because these applications will reflect where I will be in the next four years of my life. 

For me personally the most arduous section of the common application is the personal essay because I want the person who reads it to get a chunk of my personality and reflect who I am above all the standardized tests in just 500 words. I want the reader to remember who I am amongst all the other candidates and recognize my abilities to succeed in such an environment. The qualities that I would love to blossom through my essay would be my positive attitude, responsibility, resilience to push forward in a plight circumstance, my friendliness, and above all my motivation to be with my family. However, the biggest challenge is how I will incorporate all these aspects and explain each one with description not by simply stating that I am “this” and “that,” but by means of examples. Despite, the stress to think of the exemplary time that addressed something unique about myself, something pleasant does come out of it. That is, that as you think of an example you are reversing back in time to relive all those memories that you cherished during high school and you think about all those steps that you have taken just to be where you are at right now; applying for college and once more starting a new chapter in your life. To me just thinking of this makes me feel bitter sweet because I realize  all the good times I have spent with the people I love as well as that in just ten months I will become more independent and make me way towards my ideal profession. Overall it makes me blessed to come this far in my life and continue to make new memories as the years go by. This perception can be thought of as the Bad Idea Farming that made my innovation project sprout out from the dim light bulb. It taught me that by contemplating bad ideas that serve the needs of the world, I can think of good ideas that tie back with my purpose. Thus, by thinking of poor ideas or ideas that you wish would have never happened to you for essay topics, it can stimulate you to improve such an idea into a realistic one that can be used for your personal statement. 

At the end of it all, I admonish all you guys to take sometime out of each day and work on your college essays because they can greatly determine your acceptance at your dream school. Also know that where ever you get accepted and decide to attend, keep in mind that you can succeed in any place if and only you are dedicated and have intrinsic motivation to become someone. 

Quote:  “The bad things that happen during our day are easy to spot. It’s the good things we need to look for and cherish, no matter how small they are.” 





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